Hahonico Black Label

Complex hair restoration from inside and outside
Hair replenishment with moisture, amino acids,
  proteins, fatty acids, etc.
Smoothness, glossy shine and volume to hair
Increase the saturation of colored hair
Preventing static build-up
The ideal way to protect yourself during a chemical procedure
Highest quality and safest ingredients


Unique programs for hair restoration

Japanese professional cosmetics for hair and scalp

Unique product range

Exclusive products and treatment protocols

Highest safety standard

No individual training for the program of the Japanese academy of care Hahonico



Official representative of Hahonico company in Ukraine

Japanese cosmetics for beauty salons Hahonico, professional tools Ikemoto, VESS. 
HAHONICO Training Center in Ukraine.

The new line will become an invisible helper for people looking for the true beauty of things. This is what we believe in.

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The era has come when fillers will be used in cosmetics in a completely new way!

Thanks to our latest research on the nature of hair, we have created this series of care, which is formed only from the components of human hair.

Шампунь и бальзам для волос Demoka

Japanese reconstructing series of home hair care products specially designed for Ukraine.  

A Japanese revamping series of home hair care products with hematin.  Recommended for use in order to restore weak and very damaged hair by chemical treatments. 


Ideal for fluffy and porous hair. As a result, your hair is strong, shiny and full of energy.

Japanese professional five-step hair reconstruction procedure aimed at restoring the intercellular membrane complex of the hair

Kirame Rame
химическая завивка Hydro SH

Hair curling system

  • Does not damage colored hair.

  • Keeps hair color bright and rich.

  • Prevents hair aging.


Hair straightening system  


A hair straightening complex that will help your hair become straight without harming it at all. The hair will be even better than before the procedure.

Японская органическая хна

5-го поколения


Хна Hahonico — это 100% органика без добавления парафенилендиамина  и парааминофенола. В своем составе не имеет ни одного щелочного агента. Всего 20 микрон дисперсии, цветовая палитра из 8 цветов.

Японская хна 5-го поколения Hahonico Rita Lawsonia

Японская система



Пигмент японского красителя глубоко проникает в волосы благодаря инновационному жидкокристаллическому комплексу AIM и 9-ти ступенчатому процессу проникновения.

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