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All Hahonico cosmetics are produced exclusively in Japan in accordance with the highest quality standards, from natural ingredients and are absolutely safe for the master, the client and the environment.



For the production of Hahonico cosmetics, innovative high-tech equipment from leading Japanese manufacturers is used. Latest quadruplex high speed rotating equipment made of SUS316 stainless steel. As well as scanning electron microscopes (SEM) assessing the condition

of the hair.


The working areas are strictly isolated and do not allow even microparticles of dust to enter. The latest "HEPA" air filters are used, equivalent to class 1000.

The level of water purification by the system (reverse osmosis membrane filtration) from bacteria and viruses of metals, dioxins, trihalomethanes, pesticides and mercury.



The HAHONICO team pays special attention to product quality control, which is achieved by manufacturing in our own closed-loop factory, releasing a high-quality product, on equipment that has a level of cleanliness of pharmaceutical production.

The selection and selection of HAHONICO ingredients begins with a deep knowledge of the structure of the hair, which is why cosmetics have unique compositions that are completely safe for health and the environment.


history of the company

June 1994
The first scientific laboratory TEX PRO JAPAN was established for fundamental research of hair structure, as well as the development of professional hair cosmetics.
January 1998
PROTEX JAPAN INCORPORATED founded. Main areas of activity: Scientific research in the field of hair structure and effects on it. Production and development of new hair cosmetics.

August 1999
PROTEX Inc. division created. under the name HAHONICO. The main task of the division is the production and development of professional hair cosmetics under the HAHONICO brand.
February 2000
Due to the great popularity of the products and the rapid pace of sales, the division has been transformed into a full-fledged company under the name HAHONICO.

основатель Hahonico Yoshiaki Sakai президент компании Hahonico

"We strive to create such beauty
Which would combine innovation and true quality"

President and CEO
Hahonico Inc.
Mr Yoshiaki Sakai

Company logo and name
based on emotions


A client comes to a beauty salon to create a unique look and says

« HA »
(HA in Japanese conveys the emotion of excitement)


The master sits the client in a chair, promising to create the best image and says

« HO »

(HO in Japanese conveys the emotion of peace)


The master creates a unique image for the client, and he says satisfied


(NICO is Japanese for smile)

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