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Japanese coloring with a reconstructive effect, specially developed by the scientific staff of Hahonico.

Using Hahonico Rita Color dyes, you will be 100% sure of safety.

The composition of the hair dye includes 19 plant extracts that reliably protect the hair and scalp from damage.

24 types of natural ingredients will prevent the loss of moisture to the hair, soften, reconstruct and give them smoothness.

hahonico rita color sistem

In Japan, there are two concepts of two types of people: Rita Shugi and Riko Shugi.
Rico Shugi is an egoist. Rita Shugi – these are people who care about others.
This is the reason for the name of the new colors with a reconstructive effect from the company Hahonico,
because they do not just color, but also take care of the hair during the coloring process.
And now in more detail.

From the main features of the dye, the following can be distinguished::
1. The dye is based on a natural brown color, which allows you to balance and
choose the saturation, brightness and transparency of the color. And this is the main difference from the others
colorants, because the bulk of the black and blue pigment. A wide range of colors
-from deep dark to bright light shades.

2. The dye pigment penetrates deeply and lasts for a long time. Thanks to the innovative
AIM complex, a 9-step process of pigment penetration,
the hair is not damaged, the pigment is securely fixed in the hair and lasts from 4 to 8 weeks.

3. Reconstruction and maintenance. During coloring, the structure of the hair is reconstructed.
The dye contains 24 plant extracts and other restorative ingredients.
components with a positive charge. These components protect the hair and scalp
during coloring.
4. The dye has an anti-aging effect, keeping your hair young and taking care of
the roots, but the current roots are the future tips.

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