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IC120  ION styling brush.

IC120 ION styling brush.

SKU: 4970270104875

IC120 - ION styling brush.



The comb contains a natural tourmaline stone that emits negative ions. Thanks to this, the hair and scalp are cleansed. The minus ion activates the moisture in the hair and skin, and due to the restoration of oxidized cells, it speeds up the metabolism, which returns the hair and scalp to a healthy state. And also due to the presence of a special rubberized ring, there is an antistatic effect when combing, which greatly facilitates combing. 
Prevents hair loss of moisture, smoothes cuticles, promotes hair growth, refreshes hair and scalp. The handle and body of this comb are made of heat-resistant hypoallergenic rubber.
Has 9 rows of teeth. Suitable for daily use. Ideal for both blow-drying and brushing hair of any length.

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