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Japanese hair remodeling oil spray for

based on 16 types of natural oils.

What is Hahonico Jyurokuyu Oil?

Japanese moisturizing hair tonic based on 16 types
natural oils (contains squaran). Replenishes hair quickly
structural elements similar to the composition of the human
hair, protects against ultraviolet radiation and thermal

What is Skuwaran?

Skuvaran is an oil derived from the liver of a shark that lives in
the Japanese sea at a depth of 3000 meters. Amino acid oils
Skuvaran are similar to amino acids that hair contains
person. Thanks to the presence of this oil, it is possible to quickly and
qualitatively replenish hair with the necessary amino acids.

What are the benefits of using Hahonico Jyurokuyu Oil?

Hahonico Jyurokuyu Oil actively moisturizes and nourishes hair,
removes static and adds shine to hair. For daily
use with UF protection function. Also contains complex
amino acids, similar to amino acids in the human
hair, protects against harmful UV radiation and
thermal effects on hair.

When is Hahonico Jyurokuyu Oil used?

Hahonico Jyurokuyu Oil is suitable for daily use.
It can also be used as a reconstructing oil after
any chemical procedures (straightening, curling, coloring).
Provides additional thermal protection during styling and
drying with a hair dryer.

What is Hahonico Jyurokuyu Oil made of?

The oil consists of 16 types of natural oils: squaran,
platinum powder, hydrolyzed silk, olive oil,
sunflower oil, soybean oil, tocopherol, almond oil,
macadamia nut oil, jojoba oil, white sesame oil,
carrot extract, hazelnut oil, safflower flower oil.

How to use Hahonico Jyurokuyu Oil:

Turn the bottle lock to spray mode. On distance
10-15 cm apply a small amount of Hahonico oil spray
Jyurokuyu Oil on wet hair. Distribute the oil with a comb
through the hair and continue styling with a hairdryer or leave to dry
in a natural way. Recommended for both professional
and home use.

hahonico jyurokuyu oil 16 order in a company store
 Hahonico Jyurokuyu Oil order in a company store
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