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Public agreement
(offer for the sale of goods and services)

Tsei Contract є published, so that it is subject to article 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, but think of the same for all buyers regardless of status (physical person, legal person, physical person). If there is more reason given to the Agreement, the Buyer will accept the order of registration of the Replacement, payment for the Goods, delivery of the Goods.

Daniy Contract є to please the physical person-peddler "Asadchikh Maxim Volodymyrovich" (the online store named after the "Seller" Named "Buyer" (followed by the text named "Parties" at once, and skin okremo - "Party"), the Seller, in addition to the Public Offer, proposes the Buyer to sell the Goods and from the other Web site - the Seller is remotely available through the following

Under the agreement, the relations between the Seller and the Purchase shall be regulated by the Law of Ukraine "On the seizure of the rights of the survivors" dated May 12, 1991, No. 1023-XII, the Law of Ukraine "On electronic commerce", dated 3 April, 23rd edition-2015 2017, Regulations for the distribution of food products, approved by the order of the Ministry of Economy and Nutrition of the European Integration of Ukraine dated 11 April 2003, No. 185 (registered in the Ministry of Justice No. official legislation of Ukraine.

For the sake of being in the nature of a public offer, the equivalent of "please us" that due to the official legislation of Ukraine I have proper legal force.


Acceptance - confirmation by the Buyer of the right, presented on the Seller's Website, on which the current version of the Goods and the їх partiality can be traced.

Website - the website of the Seller, placements from the Internet at the URL

Substitution - an electronic application form for the purchase of additional items of the assortment, the original part of all the goods that the Buyer has vibrated, the Product itself, the Buyer for the delivery, as well as the Purchase information about the delivery, , інші contact data and notes).

Kur'єrska delivery is a delivery service for the Goods from the Seller to the Buyer in terms of terms.

Call center operator - Seller's representative

The Buyer is a physical or a legal person who entered into an agreement with the Seller on the minds specified in the Agreement.

Seller is a company that sells Goods, submissions to the Website.

The public offer is a public proposition of the Seller, addressed to be a physical and / or legal person with the help of setting up the purchase and sale agreements on the basis of the minds specified in the Agreement.

Goods - products that are promoted prior to sale at the availability of the assortment and prices indicated on the Website, which are available for delivery to the Buyer.

The third individuals are individuals that have been received without a median before the registration and registration.

Tsei Contract the Seller's Public Offer (subject to Articles 633, 641 and Chapter 63 of the Civil Code of Ukraine), as well as all of the organization of the purchase and sale of goods in a remote website way through the website.
Subject to the article 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, we will revise the unconditional acceptance of the minds given by the public Agreement є the fact of an onslaught on the Website of the request “Submit a Submission”, “Development of Substitution” or “Buy% in 1 Clause” and ... Tsei Contract to settle down by the way of the general and insane purchase of the Buyer on the completion of the Agreement in general, without the signature of a letter by the Parties to the Agreement.
The public offer is also accepted when re-staging a Purchase on the Website.
Tsey Agreement comes into force from the moment of registration of the Application. In such a rank, the Buyer has given the purchase of the Goods explicitly from the Seller until the moment the Buyer recognizes the Goods from the Seller and re-sells them. Zobov'yazannya the Seller for the Contract vvazhayutsya viskonanimi at the time of the Seller's confirmation of the Buyer to the Goods.
When the Agreement is made, the Buyer pidtverzhu, so that for the whole and in order to become aware of that, and also if the Buyer is a physical person, he may have made a call to the revision of his personal dates in the meticulous otrimannya rakhunkiv, acts and other documents. I called for the processing of personal tributes by holding out a line to the Agreement. Besides, according to the agreement, the Buyer has been informed about the rights established by the Law of Ukraine "About the acquisition of personal donations" Obsiag of the rights of the Purchaser, as a sub'ukta of personal tributes, according to the Law of Ukraine "About the protection of personal tributes" The buyer confirms the fact of knowing that this is due to the minds of the Contract in general communication with the Acceptance.
Tsei Contract to regulate the purchase and sale on the Website, including:
Dobrovilny Vibir by the Buyer of the Goods on the Website;
Self-made by the Buyer Substitution on the Website;
Payment by the Buyer of the Substitution made on the Website;
Transfer from the authority to the Purchaser of the Goods, the change of any meanings from the confirmation by the Seller.
The Seller of the crops should be obliged to transfer the Goods if the goods were sent to the warehouse at the time of registration, and the Buyer of the crops should accept the Goods and pay for a new penny bag.
Buyer of goiters:
Until the moment of registration of the Application, we shall be aware of the terms of the Agreement, as well as the payment for delivery to the Website;
Learn about the information about the Product, which is posted on the Website;
Submit your Submission to the Website on your own;
Pay promptly and correct the Contract on the minds of;
When the Goods are rejected from the Kur'єrskoy delivery, it will change in its entirety and as a matter of fact. If there is a lack of confirmation of the Goods - they are fixed by the act, which at the same time the Buyer is guilty of the signature of the delivery officer, or a representative of the delivery service at the point of self-service of the transport company.
The buyer has the right:
Vimagati is from the Seller on the service of the minds of the Contract.
Goitre seller:
Strike the minds of the Treaty;
Transfer the Buyers' Goods from the confirmation of the roste to the Website and we will collect them in a timely manner;
Do not disclaim private information of the Purchase and do not give access to all information to other persons, behind the blame of vipadkiv, passed by the official legislation of Ukraine;
Nadavati consultations with food registration Website and food registration Registration.
The seller has the right:
The Seller has reserved for himself the right to unilaterally pin the service for the entire Agreement if the Buyer has lost the minds of the Agreement;
The Seller has reserved the right to change the Agreement unilaterally until the moment of its arrangement;
On a unilateral basis, changes must be made on the Information Web site for the Authority;
To receive the Third specials for the display of your crops before the Buyer;
Change the terms of delivery of the Goods, which replacing the Buyer, in the first place, about such changes of the Buyer.
Do not bear the responsibility for the unreliable acceptance of the Goods purchased by the Buyer.

The seller has reserved the right to unilaterally change the warehouse in place of the items at the time of delivery;

The buyer independently makes out the Substitution on the Website by way of adding the Goods to the tab "Cat" and remembering the data from the various forms of Substitution, ordering the payment form and choosing the option "ORDERING THE WEBSITE" Rules for the registration of the Zamovlennya.
The buyer can trim the Goods for delivery or pick up the Goods on their own at the points of self-transport of transport companies.
We will take over the design and we will accept it until the end of the week, when:
The Buyer completes the registration process on the Website by pressing the button "Send", the Operator to the call-center in the telephone mode, or with additional messengers, SMS, calling the Buyer for confirmation.
The Buyer has issued the Change of the Goods in the telephone mode through the call-center and the Operator has confirmed the Buyer's information about those that the Change has been accepted before the announcement.
In this case, if the Operator does not approve the call-center of the Buyer about the acceptance of the change in the robot, or the Buyer sees the form of the registration.

On the basis of the warranty of the Goods, please refer to the Seller's Website.
The Seller can provide the Purchase Information, linked to the Goods, issued and ordered.
Sum of the Zamovlennya shall be stored from the foreign part of the Goods purchased by the Buyer.
The price of the Goods indicated on the Website cannot be changed by the Seller unilaterally. At a high price for replies by the Buyer, the goods are not changed.
Payment For the Goods, take a walk pererahuvannya kostyv on the current store of the Seller - when the registration is made, or by way of payment in advance, payment in the sum is received, but 20% of the sum of the foreign sum is returned.
The Seller has the right to charge a discount on the Goods and establish a bonus program. You can see the information, bonuses, order, and be aware of the search for the Website and can be changed by the Seller unilaterally.
The seller did not give any clues about the authenticity of the information about the Product (the copy of which is not himself), but the information about the Product was provided by the copy.
The Seller will not notice the appearance of the Goods, which is indicated on the Website, even when the Goods are visible, the Seller can choose to change them, having reviewed the Purchase beforehand.
If taxes are introduced and collected, as they are not included in the part of the Goods (work, service) and if the Buyer is to pay, the sum of such taxes and collection will be included in a row in the Appointment and replace the payment by the Buyer once.
Independent pick-up (vyvezennya) The goods are welcomed by the Buyer from the moment of issuance.
Delivery Replacement of additional Kur'єrskoy delivery will be requested for the weather with the Buyer and for the information specified upon registration of the Replacement address.
The Seller's robot mode is the hour of delivery indicated on the Website. The delivery term can be changed by the Seller unilaterally. To the ill-humor of the vikonannya The change of any unfortunate vikonannya can cause the surroundings, the human factor, or the overwhelming force.
The right of power to the Goods, as well as the risk of any type of delivery or transfer to the Buyer at the time of transfer to the Goods by the transport company.

The buyer has the right to eliminate the goods that have been filled in by him. The goods are transported by way of an independent parkanu (vivezennya) from the points of self-transport of transport companies, or they will speed up by the services of Kur'єrskoy delivery.
Delivery of goods Pokuptsyu vіdbuvaєtsya pіslya nadhodzhennya vіd Pokuptsya not less than 20% payment for displaying rakhunk.
Payment for delivery costs will be clear from the minds indicated on the Website.
In case of substitution of great parties for the Goods, the terms of delivery are limited to specific skin conditions.
The Buyer has the right to exchange the Goods of good quality for an analogous one from the Seller, if the Goods are not satisfied with their quality on the next mind:
The goods for exchange were given to the Seller on the day of purchase for no longer than 1 (one) year at the time of delivery of an independent parkan (vivezennya);
The product can be replaced without any change;
The goods can be replaced when presented by the Buyer with a document, visions by the Buyer at once with the sold Goods.
Vimogi to clause 8.1. The Agreement does not extend to the goods, which are legally under the Dodatkom No. 3 until the Cabinet of Ministries of Ukraine dated 19.03.1994, No. 172 "On the implementation of the provisions of the Law of Ukraine" On the seizure of the rights of survivors " ).
At the end of the day, if the Goods are not accepted by the sub-clauses 8.1.1. – 8.1.3. To the Agreement, the Seller has the right to modify the exchange of the Goods.
Even at the time of exchange of a similar Product there is no sale, Spozhivach has the right to either come back to the product from an obvious assortment with a variety of costs, or to take back a few pennies from the existing costs.
The parties are responsible for the failure to agree or unseemly the agreement of the minds of the Treaty in the order transmitted by the CIM Treaty and the relevant legislation of Ukraine.
The Seller does not accept the knowledge of the Skoda, which I will accept in the case of an unreliable Victory of the Goods that were attached to him.
The buyer will not be aware of the validity of the payment, which was submitted when the Product is issued.
At the time of the establishment of the unavoidable power of the Party, it will be considered as a confirmation of the minds of the Agreement. For the purpose of the Treaty, there is a reason to come up with an overwhelming, non-negotiable character, so that they can not objectively overshoot the Treaty, any of the Parties could not come to the point of view.
The party, who tries to do something about the situation, is guilty of the telephone mode, or in the written view of the electronic order to inform the Party about such circumstances.
The parties report the maximum strengths for the decision of any kind of distribution in the course of negotiations.
All spirnі food, as can be found out for the whole Agreement, or in connection with this visit, the Buyer and the Seller send negotiations. The pre-judicial order in the regulation of the dispute is obov'yazkovim.
If the Buyer and the Seller can not go through the spirits through negotiations, the food is accepted according to the correct legislation of Ukraine.
Issuing the Change of the Goods, the Buyer gives his year to the Seller on the basis of 01.01. 2297-VI. Access to personal tributes Purchasers may only receive those individuals, which are without an average receipt before the registration and registration of such a change for a vignette of vipadkiv and in the boundaries, passed by the official legislation of Ukraine.
For a detailed personal data, be mindful of whether it is a day (operation), or a success (operation), how to get back from victories in order to automate, because without collecting such data, I record personal data, ) vicarious, vivid, personal tributes.
With our Acceptance of the Agreement, or re-establishment on the website "" (registration of the re-establishment questionnaire), the Buyer voluntarily gives the Seller the right to receive the processing of his personal tributes, including: to help the Seller's personal tributes to the base of the date zberiznuvati constantly collecting money, їkh accumulation, updating, change (according to the world of need). The seller is obliged to take care of the acquirer of the data from the unauthorized access of those individuals, who do not extend or transfer the data whether to a third party purposes, as well as for the obligatory supply of the competent sovereign body). In the base of the Seller, the date is taken from the offensive: the data, which is sent from the Seller's house, can be victorious for commercial purposes, including for the processing of the replacement for the Appointment of the Goods, 'in a language) advertisements and special propositions, information about promotions, distribution of information. For the purposes referred to by this item, the Seller has the right to send the sheets, when they are notified of the materials to the postal address, e-mail of the Purchaser, and also send sms-messages, ask for the references to the questionnaire number.
The buyer, when registering the change of the crop's obligations, give the exact and truthful information in the communication, which is necessary for the purchase of the Goods and the service provided. Giving inaccurate information or not giving such information to the Seller can be a drive for selling the Goods.
The Seller has not been aware of the information provided by the Buyer on the Website in a form that is accessible from the public.
The Seller has the right to contact the records of telephone calls with the Buyer, having preceded the Buyer about such a record. The seller is the guarantor of the inadmissibility of the request for unauthorized registration of personal tributes by the Purchaser by those persons, who do not have a notice of change, except for vipadkiv, passed by the official legislation of Ukraine.
The Seller has the right to send information, including advertisements to the e-mail and mobile phone of the Buyer from the last year. The buyer has the right to see the rejection of the advertising and information without explaining the reasons for the message by sending a letter to declare about the rejection of the advertising and information of the Web by the Seller for the address indicated on the website. Service, when the Buyer is informed about the change of the stage of its processing, is processed automatically and cannot be seen by the Buyer.
Information, which is good for the Buyer, is confidential. Website for the information about the Purchase only for the purpose of the function of the Website
All text information and graphic images, distributed on the Website, by the Seller's authority.
Tsei Contract nabuvau for the Purchase of honor from the day of registration and registration on the Web site "" and until the Parties agree to the Contract.
Payment by the Buyer for the Substitution made on the Website means the Buyer on the basis of the notice of the Public Agreement (Public Offer of the Seller) and the date of the date of the contract of purchase and sale by the Seller and the Buyer.
The website can be sent to the robot for an hour in conjunction with the conduct of preventive or technical robots.
The Seller reserves the right to unilaterally make changes to the prices for his own investigation, without first knowing about the Buyer.
The agreement is public and non-strings that until the last time, be it from the side of the order, established by the cim Treaty or other laws, albeit in any way until the moment of the residual vikonannya by the Parties.
A stream version of the Public Agreement is given.
The website is designed for organizing a remote way of selling goods via the Internet.
Vikoristannya resource to the Website for viewing the Goods, as well as for the registration of the Change and for the Buyer free of charge.

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