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VESS С-2000

VESS С-2000

SKU: 4977084100918

Antibacterial ceramic hairbrush.

Classic brush recommended by the English school "VIDAL SASSOON" .
New material - antibacterial ceramics !!!

This model of the brush is a proprietary development of the company "Vess" (JAPAN) and is distinguished by increased safety of use. The base material and the rubber teeth contain "antibacterial ceramics", which have a long-lasting antibacterial effect.
The secret of antibacterial effect and elimination of unpleasant odor
• The bristles are made of nylon with an antibacterial ceramic material.
• The base is made of rubber with an antibacterial effect.
• Self-cleaning antibacterial ceramic material prevents odor-causing bacteria and mold from spreading and your brush stays clean at all times.
Long-term protection against bacteria
• Self-cleaning antibacterial ceramic material is included in the nylon bristles, so the antibacterial properties will not disappear even after washing the brush.
High degree of protection
• Antibacterial ceramics are made from non-toxic zeolites and metals, which makes it safe for humans.


1. Stamping of bristle hairs is carried out using a special technology. The brush glides gently through the hair, the rounded bristles at the tips of the bristles protect hair and scalp from damage,  removes static from the hair and improves blood circulation in the scalp
2. The rubber base is made of heat-resistant rubber and has high elasticity and heat resistance. This allows for gentle movements that are coordinated with the movement of the hair dryer.
3. The length and shape of the handle have been adjusted ergonomically to provide comfort and easy addiction. It is ideal to lie in the hand, which significantly reduces fatigue and stress on the hand during work.
Precautions for use
• Do not keep the brush under hot air from a hair dryer for a long time. 
• Do not apply styling products directly to the brush.
• Wash the brush with lukewarm water using mild detergents.

Product characteristics:


  • Handle material: ABS rubber
  • Bristle Material: Antibacterial Nylon
  • Base material: Antibacterial rubber
  • Maximum allowable temperature: 86C
  • Оплата и возврат

    Ви можете сплатити будь-яким зручним для вас способом (Mastercard, VISA).

    Оплата готівкою можлива при самовивозі та кур'єрські послуги по Києву. Будь ласка, намагайтеся готувати суму без здачі.

    Повернення і обмін придбаного товару (пошкодження), здійснюється за рахунок покупця. Термін повернення 14 днів. 

    Повернення здійснюються згідно Закону «Про захист прав споживачів» 

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