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Hair straightening system
Hydro SH

Does not damage colored hair by preventing the formation of free radicals.
The master himself regulates the concentration of the drug.
Makes hair smooth, shiny.
Has anti-aging effect (prevents hair aging).
Does not contain harmful ingredients that accumulate in the body.
Keeps hair color bright and rich, prevents color fading.
Main Ingredients:
Glireryl thioglycolate - affects the disulfide bonds of the hair, provides long-lasting results, is able to create elastic curls on an equal footing with preparations based on thioglycolic acid, but at the same time it is much softer in its effect on the hair!
Hydrolyzed keratin is a polymer-keratin that protects hair from damage and prevents the formation of lanthionine (an amino acid unusual for hair, which appears as a result of the reaction of hair with alkaline and acidic curling preparations and prevents the formation of elastic curl)!
F-layer ionic complex with vegetable pectin. It is absorbed only by damaged areas of the hair and acts as a "quasi-lipid" 18-MEA.
Chitosan, obtained from crab shell extract, acts as a "quasi-shell" for damaged hair.
Arginine - controls the Ph level, makes the hair pleasant to the touch.
Diglycerin - makes hair lighter compared to just glycerin.
The system includes:
GMT (100 g)
An acidic preparation (Ph-3) that acts on disulfide bonds, the concentration of which is regulated depending on the condition of the hair (from 10 to 30%.

Base cream (1000 ml) (Ph-7) containing caring components (hydrolyzed keratin, plant ionic complex, chitosan, arginine, diglycerin, thioglycerin)
Bromine fixer (1000 ml)

Features of performing the curling procedure
Customer hair assessment. The thickness of the hair, the presence of curl, the degree of damage and the presence of chemical treatment are assessed.
I wash my hair with Hahonico Moisturizing Shampoo, if you need to remove silicones or styling products from your hair, use Hahonico Zero Charge Shampoo. If necessary, we carry out the reconstruction procedure Kiramerame Treatment or Rame Rame Treatment.
Blot your hair with a towel. Apply Hahonico Rita Oil to the scalp
We divide the hair into zones for ease of application
Apply agent # 1 (mixed composition of cream base with GMT), cover the hair with a film. We soak on the hair for 15 to 25 minutes until the necessary reaction appears.
Wash off the product No. 1 (mixed composition of the cream base with GMT) from the hair with plenty of water. Dry your hair with a towel.
Dry your hair thoroughly with a hair dryer and a double comb.
Pull the dried hair with an iron, eliminating the remaining moisture in the hair.
Apply agent # 2 (bromine fixer) to fix the result and hold for 15 minutes.
Everything is thoroughly rinsed with water, rinsed with hematin shampoo and rinsed with washable acidic PPT (polypeptide).
We style the hair with a hairdryer, pre-apply the Hahonico Econico oil to protect the hair.
Mixing scheme of GMT acid preparation and cream base:
An acidic preparation is added to the base cream in a proportion of 5 to 30%, depending on the condition of the hair and the degree of damage.
5-10% - if the hair is discolored and severely damaged. For example, if the total mixture is 50 grams, then the base cream will be 45 grams, and the acid preparation will be 2.5-5 grams.
20% - if the hair is colored and in a state of moderate damage. For example, if the total mixture is 50 grams, then the base cream will be 40 grams, and the acid preparation will be 10 grams.
30% - if the hair is not damaged. For example, if the total mixture is 50 grams, then the base cream will be 35 grams, and the acid preparation will be 15 grams.

Average consumption:
40-60 g total straightening composition
80-120 ml of fixer.

Hydro SH N-GMT Hahonico

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