Japanese cosmetics HAHONICO cosmetics of the highest quality, makes it possible to offer the client exclusive services,  solve all the client's hair problems and encourage the client to return to your salon.

the slogan of the company Hahonico Ukraine

Choosing the Japanese company HAHONICO, you get a wide range of original, exclusive luxury products.

HAHONICO primarily cares about the customer. All products of the company are aimed at giving the hair health and beauty. Choosing Japanese cosmetics HAHONICO, you are always confident in the safety and quality of its composition. Concentrated formulations are extremely economical, your customers ' hair will look stunning. HAHONICO cosmetics is a cosmetics that you and your customers will really feel the result of.

You get Japanese cosmetics of the highest quality, which is guaranteed to give 100% results for your customers.

Educational master classes.

Consulting support.

Loyal conditions  for partners.

The company's specialists have specially developed individual programs that allow the master to gain basic skills in the use of professional Hahonico procedures in a short time.

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